Putting Principles into Practice: Lessons from MCC on Country Ownership

December 13, 2011

Country ownership is a core principle of MCC’s approach to development. MCC partner countries exercise country ownership when governments, in close consultation with citizens, take the lead in setting priorities for MCC investments, implementing MCC-funded programs, and being accountable to domestic stakeholders for both making decisions and achieving results.

Watch a discussion about country ownership with MCC and Oxfam America: How effective has it been, what lessons have we learned, and what do partner countries have to say about it?

Welcome remarks: 

  • Sheila Herrling, Vice President for Policy and Evaluation, MCC


  • Sarah Lucas, Director, Department of Policy and Evaluation, MCC; author of “Principles into Practice: Country Ownership”
  • Gregory Adams, Director of Aid Effectiveness, Oxfam America
  • Samuel O. Batcho, National Coordinator, Millennium Challenge Account-Benin
  • Reginald Munisi, Civil Society Joint Platform for Engagement-Tanzania