Partner Highlights

A Haitian farmer
USAID partners with PepsiCo to improve yields, production and availability of healthy food in East Africa. This pilot program, Enterprise EthioPEA, focuses on improving the production of chickpeas in Ethiopia. This existing value chain has potential not only as a nutritious staple food, but also as an export crop and a flexible ingredient for many processed foods.
Farmers till a field
The World Economic Forum's New Vision for Agriculture initiative directly aligns with the United States' renewed commitment to agriculture-led development. A new partnership model developed by the New Vision for Agriculture initiative helps stakeholders coordinate efforts and investments to achieve shared goals in the agriculture sector.
Water irrigation system
The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania is an innovative public-private partnership that helps link farmers to modern supply chains and make agriculture a profitable activity, incorporating small-scale farmers. The initiative is supported by a public-private partnership of global agriculture businesses, international development agencies, farmers' groups, and the government of Tanzania.
A farmer sorts tomatoes
The USAID-Walmart regional agreement supports small rural farmers in Central America, connecting them to the retailer's regional and international supply chains. The partnership builds on experience gained from previous collaborations in the region. It aims to help small rural farmers earn more from their fresh fruit and vegetable production. Consumers will benefit from greater access to diverse, locally grown produce.
A farmer holds corn kernels
The African Alliance for Improved Food Processing is designed to assist in the transformation of the food processing sector in African countries. The Alliance offers technical support and training designed to improve the business performance of food processing firms. These efforts will increase the availability of high quality nutritious and safe foods to local populations, including the most vulnerable.