Partner Highlights

Honoring the legacy of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Norman Borlaug, this is a major new effort to increase the number of agricultural scientists and strengthen scientific institutions in developing countries.
A volunteer shows a plant to a student
U.S. graduate students travel to Feed the Future focus countries to work on projects led by in-country organizations to support smallholder farmers growing fruits and vegetables.
A Ghanaian farmer in a soy field
The Africa Lead Agribusiness Leadership Program supports capacity building under the Feed the Future initiative and the African Union's Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme. A major component of Africa Lead is collaboration with U.S., international and African agribusinesses on an Agribusiness Leadership Program aimed at training the next generation of agribusiness professionals across the continent.
A farmer holds corn kernels
The African Alliance for Improved Food Processing is designed to assist in the transformation of the food processing sector in African countries. The Alliance offers technical support and training designed to improve the business performance of food processing firms. These efforts will increase the availability of high quality nutritious and safe foods to local populations, including the most vulnerable.