Africa Regional Trade Hubs

Gina van SchalkwykTo address barriers to trade that contribute to food insecurity, the USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub rolled out an integrated border management program to improve coordination at border posts between Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

In addition to the Feed the Future Private Sector Engagement Hub, the U.S. Government supports private sector engagement and investment in Africa through three Africa regional trade hubs.


We can provide an introduction for your business to the trade hubs, or you may contact them directly.











West Africa Trade Hub

The USAID West Africa Trade Hub uses a market-driven approach to increase exports from the region—making West Africa competitive in world markets. The Trade Hub provides direct assistance to hundreds of companies in six value chains. That work is complemented by teams tackling problems in transportation, telecommunications, access to

finance, and business environment that make it difficult for West African companies to compete.


East and Central Africa Global Competitiveness Hub

The USAID COMPETE project provides technical assistance to African firms and governments to enhance their competitiveness in global markets and helps African businesses take advantage of trade opportunities available under the African Growth and Opportunity Act via the USAID East and Central Africa Global Competitiveness Hub. The project has three integrated components designed to reduce barriers to regional and international trade, facilitate the efficiency and competitiveness of key value chains, and ramp up trade and investment between the United States and East Africa.


Southern Africa Trade Hub

The overall goal of the USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub is to increase international competitiveness, intra-regional trade, and food security in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region. The Southern Africa Trade Hub delivers targeted technical assistance to governments, the private sector, and civil society organizations in support of advancing regional integration and increasing the trade capacity of selected value chains within Southern Africa.