Africa Lead

A Ghanaian farmer in a soy fieldElisa Walton/USAIDAmina Fushieni helps weed the soy field of her friend in Ghana. Smallholder farmers like Fushieni dominate soy production in Ghana.

Africa Lead supports capacity building under the Feed the Future initiative and the African Union's Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).


A major component of Africa Lead is collaboration with U.S., international and African agribusinesses on an Agribusiness Leadership Program aimed at training the next generation of agribusiness professionals across the continent.


The program combines on-the-job training, formal classroom instruction, and business networking to develop a cadre of agribusiness leaders that will advance the food security goals of Feed the Future and the CAADP.


The program will place nominated individuals with companies in Africa, the United States or other countries, to teach participants effective, efficient

agribusiness practices. Assignments reflect the top challenges faced by the private sector in participants' home countries, such as manufacturing, food safety, warehousing, marketing, and finance.


Ultimately, the program enhances scalability and sustainability in the agriculture sector by institutionalizing training in private sector companies.