From Remarkable Change to Sustained Progress in African Food Security

bullet Last Updated: Jan 26, 2017
With a new model of leadership and partnership, Africa has witnessed remarkable change in the space of one generation.
Kelley Lynch for USAID

The President’s trip builds on the success of the historic U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit last year and continues our efforts to work with countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, like Kenya and Ethiopia, to accelerate economic growth, strengthen democratic institutions, and improve security.

With a new model of leadership and partnership from governments, donors, civil society, the private sector and research communities, Africa has witnessed remarkable change in the space of one generation.

Today, the continent is a center of global growth, creating more opportunities for its people than ever before. The challenge ahead is to ensure these gains benefit all of Africa’s people. Success won’t happen overnight, but with long-term collaboration we can achieve sustainable, transformative impact.

Join us as we follow the trip online and bring you all the news related to food security.

Feed the Future in Africa

The United States has had a longstanding commitment to investing in Africa. In recent years, one way we’ve delivered on this commitment is through the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future initiative by partnering with African countries to help them improve agriculture.

Why agriculture? It’s a great way to fight hunger and malnutrition while boosting the type of economic growth that leaves no one behind.

Through a model of robust, effective partnership that’s built around country-owned priorities and common goals, we’re helping developing countries—including 12 in Africa—unlock agriculture’s potential to connect more people to the global economy and pave a path out of poverty for millions.

In countries supported by Feed the Future and additional large-scale U.S. Government efforts, local capacity to support food security, agricultural productivity, and good nutrition continue to grow stronger. 

In Africa, these countries include:

Taken together, these efforts are making a difference to ensure that smallholder farms—and families—flourish for generations to come.

Their success is good for all of us. It helps meet the global demand for food—which is expected to grow as the world’s population does—and helps reduce the risk of instability and turmoil that’s often driven by a lack of access to food. It also ensures families can escape poverty for good, even when disasters and disease strike.

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