Achieving Impact Through Leadership and Partnership

bullet Last Updated: Dec 23, 2015
New data highlight the results and impact of U.S. Government efforts to advance global food security. Explore Feed the Future’s latest report for the numbers and the stories behind them.
Tyler Jones, Fintrac Inc.

7 million smallholder farmers. 12 million children. 19 million households. Half a billion dollars in new income.

These numbers are adding up to positive changes. In countries receiving Feed the Future support, both poverty and child stunting are on the decline.

Explore our digital report to learn how Feed the Future and other U.S. Government food security and nutrition efforts are delivering results and contributing to impact.

But the numbers are only part of the story.

Smallholder farmers are the heartbeat of Feed the Future and the backbone of the rural economies we work in. Taken together, our efforts are making a difference to ensure that their farms—and families—flourish for generations to come. Read their stories alongside the data in our report.

Leadership and Partnership Make a Difference

Momentum is strong, but there is still more to do. The 795 million people who go to bed hungry every night deserve nothing less than our full commitment to sustaining progress.

Governments, civil society, development partners, and, increasingly, the private sector, must continue to work together to ensure that everyone has enough nutritious food to eat.

Join the Momentum

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