New Agriculture Center to Train Thousands of Haitian Farmers

May 2, 2011
Ben Edwards/USAIDA tour listens to an explanation of drip irrigation during the inauguration of the USAID-funded Sustainable Rural Development Center in Bas Boan, Haiti.

BAS BOEN, Haiti—The U.S. government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), kicked-off Haiti's National Agriculture and Labor Day on May 1 by inaugurating a cutting-edge agricultural training center.

The Sustainable Rural Development Center will help modernize Haiti's agricultural sector by training farmers to use innovative agriculture techniques that will increase crop yields and boost incomes. The five-hectare campus features a training center, warehouse, dormitory, three laboratories and a distance-learning facility.

The dormitory will allow farmers from across the country, including the northern region, to benefit from the resources physically located at the Center, and an online video link with the University of Florida will connect them to the expertise of U.S. agronomists.