Feed the Future Resources

Check out our September newsletter for stories on how we're advancing food security in a changing climate and other updates from the U.S. Government's Feed the Future initiative. 

Check out our August newsletter for stories on African leadership in global food security and other updates from Feed the Future.

Check out our June/July 2014 newsletter for stories on nutrition and other updates from the Feed the Future initiative this summer.

Check out our May 2014 newsletter for a summary of Feed the Future's latest progress report, the Feed the Future Global Forum, and other updates on food security and nutrition this month.

Check out our March 2014 newsletter for articles on how Feed the Future is empowering women in the agriculture sector and helping smallholder farmers access and manage the water resources they need to improve food security in their communities.

Check out our February 2014 newsletter for articles on how Feed the Future is scaling up food security by bringing innovative technologies, agricultural practices and improved nutrition to greater numbers of smallholder farmers and their families.

Check out our January 2014 newsletter for articles on how Feed the Future is partnering with the private sector to improve food security, nutrition and incomes for smallholder farmers around the world.

Check out a special edition of the Feed the Future Newsletter (pdf, 672kb) on 2013 highlights in global hunger and food security.

Check out our November 2013 newsletter for articles on how Feed the Future is helping smallholder farmers adapt to a changing climate and advancing agricultural practices and technologies that mitigate environmental degradation. 

Check out our October 2013 newsletter for articles on Feed the Future's work to advance food security through science, technology and innovation.