Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation

A woman in Nepal kneels in a field of cabbages ready to harvestFintrac Inc.

Partnering for Innovation is a program that identifies and promotes technologies for investment and distribution across the developing world.


Funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as part of the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future initiative, its goal is to put transformational inputs and other technologies into the hands of smallholder farmers to quickly and sustainably improve productivity and incomes.


Private manufacturers, research and development institutes, universities, scientists, and other entrepreneurs are invited to submit concept papers that highlight an outstanding problem and either a new technology or adoption of an existing one to solve it. Those that are simple, cost-effective, and show

the most potential for smallholder adoption and replication, particularly by women, will be shortlisted in a competitive selection process.


Partnering for Innovation will then provide small grants for testing and demonstration purposes, larger grants to bring technologies to commercial scale, and analytical and technical advisory services. There is additional funding available through this program to develop public-private and multi-tiered partnerships that support commercialization and distribution.


The program is seeking technologies that are labor saving, boost productivity, and show promise for sustainability under the Feed the Future initiative.


Examples include:

  • Seed varieties
  • Biological controls
  • Animal genetics and vaccines
  • Drip irrigation and water harvesting systems
  • Postharvest and value-added technologies
  • Farm tools

Expression of Interest 

Visit partneringforinnovation.org to learn more and apply.


For more information: 202-462-8475 or innovation@fintrac.com